What are our customers saying about us:

  • Awesome food reasonably priced! Will definitely be back! If you're looking for seafood in Gainesville forget Red Slobster and eat here instead ! You won't be disappointed :-)
    Christina B. // Flowery Branch, GA
  • Great food! Friendly, helpful staff.
    Frank S. // Flowery Branch, GA
  • Excellent food and service. The po boy sandwich was big and tasty, and the plate of hushpuppies I had with it filled me up. I plan to visit again!
    Bernie W. // Lincoln, NE
  • This is something Gainesville needed! If you want to find something to compare it to, it's a long drive to the coast.
    Christopher W. // Gainesville, GA
  • Food was very fresh and the place was very clean. Everyone was very attentive and we enjoyed the meal. We will return.
    Steve R. // Gainesville, GA
Ben B. //Sewanee, TN
I had the shrimp Po' Boy and enjoyed it very much. The price was very reasonable and the service was prompt and friendly. The sandwich was on a good roll, it had the required lettuce, tomato, and mayo, but it was the shrimp that made the sandwich. It was lightly breaded and cooked correctly, not dried out or fishy tasting. Add to all this, the portion was more than generous. It was worth the trip for this sandwich alone!
Donna Diner //Gainesville, GA
Friends asked us to lunch here after early church today. We live about 30 minutes away and they suggested we be there by 11:15 or so to beat the crowd. What a good call that was! We got a table immediately but it was full with people waiting when we left. There are only 15 or 20 tables. Market is next door to the restaurant. We ordered and ate. This was the best fried shrimp and freshest I've had in a long time. The fried oysters were a little bit over-battered to my liking but the shrimp were perfect. Hush puppies were good. Everything was good; owners and wait staff friendly; and the place was small and not fancy but immaculate. All fish and shellfish in the market looked and smelled very fresh. It's a little bit of a jaunt for us but we will go back soon. They have grilled choices as well as fried and crab cakes and crab legs. They sell clams and mussels in the market but I didn't see them on the menu. Prices are very inexpensive for seafood. (Crab $17.50/lb compared to $30/lb at another local market.) The gumbo was very good, not the traditional roux-based, but very good anyway. All seafood is wild caught. Excellent!
Jessica Hedger //Gainesville, GA
I just went here for my first time with my grandparents for dinner. I thought I had been eating real fried oysters all along. Boy, was I so so wrong! THESE were real oysters. And they just melted in my mouth. The shrimp is huge! Everything is so fresh. The hushpuppies are good. It only costed 34 dollars for all 3 of us to eat there including our drinks. And for fresh seafood that is a great price. And the portion is perfect. Friendly staff. I can't believe this place is in Gainesville of all places. I hope they are able to get a bigger place soon to accommodate their customer base. We got there around 4:45 and good thing too because when we left the customers started piling in! I can not wait to go back here again.
Allan V. //Gainesville, GA
The fried catfish was very good and the gumbo was great. There are a lot of seafood and cajun selections on the menu. Even though it is a seafood market it was very clean and a nice place to eat.
Mary R. //Auburn, CA
Excellent!! Don't miss this gem if you are anywhere near the area. Great gumbo, red beans and rice, shrimp cocktail and po boys. Wish we could have tried everything. Really nice people and great service. They will let you sample anything if you can't decide what to order. Fresh seafood market too. Loved it!
Wabbitslayer //Gainesville, GA
If you want better seafood, prepare to drive a few hundred miles down to the Gulf, and you may not get it, even then. If they piped-in seagull noises, you would swear you were in a certain Destin seafood shack. Great selection of fresh fish to go, fantastic fried/broiled/blackened dine-in options. I haven't posted a review before now b/c I figured the how good it was the first time was a fluke. A dozen or so visits later, I am still impressed. The only negative I can think of is the crowd at lunch/dinner. Parking can be a pain, but if you can't find a space, you won't be able to get a table, either. Not going to complain though, b/c the crowds mean this place has been around for a while and will stay around. Get there early.
Josh B. //Gwinnett County, GA
10 stars. I'm from the coast and caught my own dinner half my life. This is the same. Beyond surprised to find this places tucked in Gainesville of all places. It delivers. Gumbo is as good as anything out of the bayou. PoBoys are all about the bread and they have fish or shrimp pouring out. Having the market next door is nice to. Best seafood place in the Atlanta metro. I've had $50 plates at fancy seafood restaurants. I'd take this over anything the city can offer.
Christina B. //Flowery Branch, GA
Awesome food reasonably priced! Will definitely be back! If you're looking for seafood in Gainesville forget Red Slobster and eat here instead ! You won't be disappointed :-)